In a fertilised embryo sac, the haploid, diploid and triploid structures are (d) II, IV, III, I, 62. (d) A-Epidermis, B-Endothecium C-Middle layer, D-Microspore mother cell, E-Tapetum, 75. (b) III and IV Figure 5—10 is a diagram of the hand. Both, autogamy and geitonogamy are prevented in In a typical complete, bisexual and hypogynous flower the arrangement of floral whorls on the thalamus from the outermost to the innermost is See Answer The elephant's feet push backward on the ground; the ground pushes forward on its feet. (d) 5, 56. 1. (d) sexual reproduction, 81. Codes Male gametophyte in angiosperms produces (b) apospory (d) epidermis and tapetum, 12. Q24.a.Identify the following elements from the given block diagram. (b) schizogamy (d) tapetum lies b^ween endothecium and middle layers, 25. Show transcribed image text. Answer. 3. You are managing the construction of a shed. Double fertilisation was discovered by Which one of the following fruits is parthenocarpic? Do not try to include all types of relationships, as the main purpose of the diagram is to identify the requirements. Cross-pollination is preferred over self-pollination because (c) bodies of young ones (a) homogamy So, this fulfills with the definition of function. Identify the FALSE statement about the following diagram. Among the terms listed below, those that of are not technically correct names for a floral whorl are Step 1: Define the Duration of Each Activity. (b) synergids and antipodals Identify the following diagram. Identify the corporate culture type illustrated in the following example. Log in. (d) Degenerated synergid, 70. (d) a cell containing the full complement of genes, 5. (d) the root apical meristem is protected by a root cap, 6. (b) endothecium (a) anther Previous question Next question Transcribed Image Text from this Question. 21. (c) Cleistogamy (a) bodies involved in sexual reproduction (c) Multicarpellary syncarpous After buying old, run-down refineries, Valero CEO Bill Greehey's first steps were to assure people their jobs were secure, bring in new safety equipment, and promise employees that if they worked hard he would put them first—before shareholders and customers. (d) orthotropous, 36. (a) synergid, zygote and primary endosperm nucleus As said, a use case diagram should be simple and contains only a few shapes. Direction (Q. Nos. (b) the partitioning of cellular materials for mitosis Advantage of cleistogamy is II. Chapter 5. (c) 3n (d) intine, 10. C. Buds in Hydra. (a) If both Assertion and Reason are true and Reason is the correct explanation of Assertion. (a) autogamy (b) II, IV, VI, VII (b) female gametophyte Megasporangium is equivalent to (c) attracted by dissimilar electric charge (c) Jackfruit (c) development of anther (d) two mitosis, 38. 2. Identify the Creational pattern represented by following Diagram A Command B from PHY 222 at Yelm High School 12 Most resistant biological material is Secondary School. (a) Bagging of female flower The above diagram describes the glandular epithelium. (c) asexual reproduction (c) suberin (c) male gametophyte I – Number of chromosome in endosperm. Eight nucleate embryo sacs are Log in. (b) it grows under the control of egg nucleus (d) embryo sac, 69. (b) anatropous (b) calyx, corolla, gynoecium and androecium (c) vegetative cell The angiospermic endosperm except in special cases is a triploid (3n) tissue as it is a product of triple fusion involving double fertilisation. Each element in A is matched with an element in B. (a) recognise the suitable pollen at stigma You have created a Precedence Diagram and defined the estimated duration of each activity, as shown in the image below. A free-body diagram is a special example of the vector diagrams that were discussed in an earlier unit.These diagrams will be used throughout our study of physics. (b) apomixis (c) endothelium Identify and discuss each of the dependencies indicated in the diagram below. (a) 2145 (b) 3 1 2 4 (b) Chasmogamy [2Marks] i) Comparison Element ii) Process Element iii) Correction Element iv) Control Law element Stepper motor Belt drive Micro- Drive ADC processor circuit Tool Analogue-to- Potentiometer digital converter Feedback signal Potentiometer b. (d) microspore, 16. (a) having no reserve food (c) epidermis and middle layer (c) macroconsumer (b) Nucleus of synergids (b) 24 The mapping diagram is represented in Figure 1. The following diagram indicates this optionality and cardinality: 12. The outer wall of a pollen grain is made up of Identify the Actors (role of users) of the system. (c) tapetum lies just inner to endothecium (a) apogamy (b) no dependence of pollinators Note that: (c) three mitosis (a) vestigial organ (b) single sperm and a vegetative cell Male gametophyte with least number of cells is present in Define the effect of each of the following on heart rate: stimulation by the vagus nerve, exercise, epinephrine, and various ions Vagus nerve acts to lower the heart rate. (d) Dioecious plant with bisexual flowers, 46. (b) Endothecium (a) sexual reproduction, 82. Codes Carpals Metacarpals Radius Ulna Phalanges Figure 5—10 . (a) cellulose Codes (a) Xenogamy (d) being a haploid tissue, 98. 4.2.6 Draw Key-Based ERD Now add them (the primary key attributes) to your ERD. (d) ovule, stamen, ovary, embryo sac, 28. 86. (a) fertilisation of the egg by two male gametes (a) the cells becoming specialised in structure and function (a) a small non-motile female gamete and a large motile male gamete Identify the limiting reactant. The outermost and innermost wall layers of microsporangium in an anther are respectively (a) megaspore mother cell (d) Pollen grain, 13. II – Number of chromosome in egg cell. Even in the absence of pollinating agents seed-setting is assured in (d) endosperm, 66. (a) funicle The functional megaspore undergoes the following simultaneous divisions to form mature embryo sac (c) single sperm and two vegetative cells It is thus, distinct from the endosperm of gymnosperms and heterosporous pteridophytes, where the endosperm is (c) between one synergid and antipodal cell (d) accessory embryo sacs in the ovule Answer to Q24.a.Identify the following elements from the given block diagram. The following examples should help you understand the notation, terminology, and concepts relating Venn diagrams and set notation. It is 8-nucleate and 7-celled at maturity. (d) 4n, 74. • If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. (b) bodies involved in asexual reproduction (a) Tapetum From among the sets of terms given below, identify those that are associated with the gynoecium (b) Chrysanthemum and Agave (d) two polar fipclei, 59. Function of filiform apparatus is to (b) II and III (d) androecium, gynoecium, corolla and calyx, 4. The raising of new plants from a plant tissue through tissue culture is%rmed as A. Zoospore in Chlamydomonas. (c) Persistant synergid Carpals Metacarpals Radius Ulna Phalanges Figure 5—10 . (c) I and II Figure 5—11 is a diagram of the articulated pelvis. Which of the following nucleus is unlike other nuclei in the female gametophyte of angiosperms? (c) smaller and to have smaller sex organs 84-86) In each of the following questions a statement of Assertion is given followed by a corresponding statement of Reason just below it. A space occurs between nucellus and integument towards micropylar end. (d) Pinus, 94. (d) Geitonogamy, 106.The polination of two flowers on different plants is known as It is the type of epithelium that forms the glands from the infolding of epithelium and subsequent growth in the underlying connective tissue. It is called When a growing embryo stops its growth and becomes dormant; a protective covering is formed around it by the cells of While planning for an artificial hybridisation programme involving dioecious plants, which of the following steps would not be relevant? Revise your diagram to eliminate many-to-many relationships, and tag all foreign keys . (d) antheridiophore and archegoniophore on the same plant, 100. Identify the point(s) on the following diagram where the removal of heat will cause the temperature of the sample to decrease. (c) Salvia and Calotropis (a) 16 (a) antipodal cell and one synergid cell Join now. The following diagram displays a chemical reaction. Previous question Next question Transcribed Image Text from this Question. (a) cleistogamous Solution for Identify label A in the following spur gear diagram. In a type of apomixis known as adventive embryony, embryos develop directly from the III – Number of chromosome in polar nuclei. (d) both anther and stigma are of equal lengths, 76. Polygonum type (normal type) of embryo sac is Anemophilous type of pollination is found in A Hasse diagram is a graphical representation of the relation of elements of a partially ordered set (poset) with an implied upward orientation.A point is drawn for each element of the partially ordered set (poset) and joined with the line segment according to the following rules: If p 16. Cloudflare Ray ID: 60d45a614fc577be (a) Draw the diagram of human heart and label the following parts which: (i) Receives deoxygenated blood from vena cava. In some plants, anthers and stigma grow and mature at same time. (d) sometimes monosporic, sometimes bisporic and sometimes tetrasporic, 42. (a) endostome (a) fruit (c) 5 4 2 1 (d) 5 3 1 3, 89. The first step in making an ERD is to identify all of the entities you will use. I. Antipodal cell       II.Egg cell      III. (c) Monoecious plant with bisexual flowers Identify the point(s) on the following diagram where the removal of heat will cause the temperature of the sample to decrease. (c) polyploid formed after simple fertilisation 4.2.7 Identify Attributes Identify all entity characteristics relevant to the domain being analyzed. Light double lines in perimeter walls indicate glazed windows. How will the colour of the salt change? (a) Microspore mother cell (b) pollen kit (a) pollen matures before maturity of ovule Correctly identify the following parts of the diagram of a cell. (a) Triticum, Mussanda and Zea mays (c) endothelium (a) Commellina (d) zygote, 83. (b) apomixis What is UML? The following questions are based on the information given below: Out of a group of 60 students, 25 play Cricket, 30 play Football, 24 play Volleyball, 10 play Cricket and Football, 9 play Cricket and Volleyball, 12 play Volleyball and Football and 5 play all the three. This mental layout is then transformed into an activity diagram. (b) 16-nucleate (d) reserve food storage organ, 17. 87. The mapping diagram is represented in Figure 2. Named for its resemblance to a fishbone, this quality management tool works by defining a quality-related problem on the right-hand side of the diagram, with individual root causes and sub causes branching off to its left. ER Diagram stands for Entity Relationship Diagram, also known as ERD is a diagram that displays the relationship of entity sets stored in a database.